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What can cause itchy lower legs?
Posted on Wednesday November 13, 2019

The lower legs may be itchy for a number of reasons, from issues with shaving to skin conditions and diabetes. Here, learn more about these causes, other symptoms, and the range of treatments.

Diabetes: Why some anti-inflammatories may increase risk
Posted on Wednesday November 13, 2019

Recent findings suggest that glucocorticoids — a class of anti-inflammatory drugs that doctors often prescribe — may increase the risk of diabetes.

What to know about acidosis
Posted on Tuesday November 12, 2019

Acidosis refers to high levels of acid in the body. If the body becomes too acidic or too alkaline, this can cause serious health problems. Learn more here.

Pitted keratolysis: What to know
Posted on Tuesday November 05, 2019

Pitted keratolysis is a bacterial infection that affects the soles of the feet and, less commonly, the palms of the hands. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment here.

Which environmental factors affect type 2 diabetes risk?
Posted on Saturday November 02, 2019

New research looks at the cumulative environmental factors that affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in rural and urban areas.

Women and men at risk of different obesity-related conditions
Posted on Monday October 28, 2019

A new study has found that women and men with obesity face different health risks, while the condition can lead to a range of complications for all.

Everything you need to know about clear urine
Posted on Monday October 21, 2019

Clear or very pale urine is usually a sign of proper hydration. In this article, learn more about the possible causes of clear urine and when to see a doctor.

What is a nephrologist?
Posted on Wednesday October 16, 2019

A nephrologist is a kidney specialist. This article looks at what they do, the medical conditions they treat, and the procedures they can perform.

Does the rotavirus vaccine prevent type 1 diabetes?
Posted on Wednesday October 16, 2019

Scientists present a link between rotavirus infection and type 1 diabetes and suggest vaccination as a method to prevent the condition.

Could coffee byproducts fight inflammation?
Posted on Tuesday October 15, 2019

A recent study has investigated whether the byproducts of coffee production might help ease the inflammation associated with obesity and protect health.

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