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What causes itchy legs?
Posted on Thursday September 19, 2019

Itchy skin, or pruritus, is common and can affect any part of the body. Many factors can cause itchy legs, including skin conditions, diabetes, or allergic reactions. Learn about causes and treatments here.

Causes and treatments for burning legs
Posted on Wednesday September 18, 2019

Muscle soreness, injuries, sunburns, and nerve damage can all cause a burning sensation in the legs. Learn more about the causes and how to treat them here.

What to know about hyperinsulinemia
Posted on Tuesday September 17, 2019

Hyperinsulinemia is when the body contains too much insulin. It can link to insulin resistance and diabetes. Learn about its symptoms, causes, and related conditions, here.

What's the difference between the keto and Atkins diets?
Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019

The keto and Atkins diets are two low carbohydrate eating plans. People use them to lose weight and promote health. Learn more here.

What is regular insulin?
Posted on Wednesday September 11, 2019

Discover how regular insulin works and helps manage diabetes. We describe how much regular insulin to take, potential side effects, and other considerations.

Taller people less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
Posted on Wednesday September 11, 2019

A new study has found a link between tallness and lower type 2 diabetes risk in male and female adults and relates it largely to male leg length.

1 extra kilo of deep belly fat can increase diabetes risk in women
Posted on Wednesday September 11, 2019

Deep belly fat — which is hard to detect and measure — can increase women's risk of type 2 diabetes over seven times, according to a new study.

What are the best breakfasts for losing weight?
Posted on Monday September 09, 2019

We explore the best foods to eat at breakfast for people trying to lose weight. We also discuss healthful breakfast options for vegans and vegetarians.

Study confirms low fat diets benefit women's health
Posted on Monday September 09, 2019

New research suggests that a low fat diet reduces death risk among women who have had breast cancer, slows down diabetes, and prevents heart disease.

A simple text could help keep diabetes under control
Posted on Monday September 09, 2019

According to new research, receiving motivational texts a few times per week could help people with diabetes manage their condition.

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