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What is Glipizide?

Glipizide is used to treat high blood sugar levels caused by a type of diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) called type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, your body does not work properly to store excess sugar and the sugar remains in your bloodstream. Chronic high blood sugar can lead to serious health problems in the future.

Glipizide Prescription Drug Coupon

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This Glipizide Coupon is valid for the following prescriptions:

  • Glip/metform Tab 2.5-250m
  • Glip/metform Tab 2.5-500m
  • Glip/metform Tab 5-500mg
  • Glipizide Er Tab 10mg
  • Glipizide Er Tab 2.5mg
  • Glipizide Er Tab 5mg
  • Glipizide Pow
  • Glipizide Tab 10mg
  • Glipizide Tab 5mg
  • Glipizide Xl Tab 10mg
  • Glipizide Xl Tab 2.5mg
  • Glipizide Xl Tab 5mg

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